1 st SURF & Book Now YOGA TRIP

This summer in Brittany, France, The Commodore Hostel is hosting an exclusive stay for yogists and surfers. Come onboard the converted bus for a surf trip with Florence Romuald – Alliance certified yoga teacher and corporate wellness coach – to initiate or perfect your yoga, a complementary practice to surfing.

A 7-day Yoga & Surfing retreat by the sea to take care of your body and surf in an idyllic surroundings.

During this stay, let yourself be guided to sublime spots, close to nature and enjoy a qualified instructor to practice surfing and yoga.


August 22nd – August 29th


Surf location: Brittany
Meeting point : Quimper


Beginners and intermediate surfers


Solo bed : 870 € (1p)
Double bed : 1.100
€ (1p)
                         : 1.520 € (2p)
7 days in half-board accomodation

Florence Romuald

Florence is one of those people with an atypical journey, multiplying experiences with always at the core, the development of well-being in others, whether spiritual or physical. As an occupational psychologist, dancer, choreographer and Hatha yoga teacher, Florence has been able to share her knowledge in various surf camps in the south of France.
During your stay, Florence will guide you to optimize the benefits of surfing through yoga.

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga is an ancestral yoga practice geared towards improving our physical condition and emotional stability.

Recuperative Yoga 

Stretch muscles and fascias gently and avoid aches and pains, relax, release tension, loosen muscle and emotional knots.


Considered an art of living in traditional Chinese medicine, self-massage helps to stimulate the immune system, eliminate toxins and improve sleep.

Take full advantage of the mobility of the bus to surf on the most beautiful spots in Brittany.

YOGA & SURF – the perfect combo

Like many elite athletes, integrating yoga into one’s sport practice has become a must. It optimizes concentration, stress management, the sense of observation and control of movements developed through surfing. Yoga helps to prepare this focus, this state of observation in which the surfer must immerse himself by observing the waves and reading the ocean.

These two disciplines share the idea of connection between body and mind and communion with nature. They feed each other and enter into symbiosis when the surfer and yogi make the right effort, the attention without the tension.

What yoga and surfing teaches us: “Glide through life as if on a wave and enjoy the moment.”



Accomodation & food

  • Meeting point and return to Quimper centre
  • Dormitory bedding with sheets, duvet and pillow
  • Stay in half-board + equipped kitchen
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Transport between surf spots



  • Dynamic Yoga session (Hatha Yoga) – 60min/day
  • Recuperative Yoga – 45min/day
  • Daily self-massage sessions



  • 4 surf lessons of 90min each
  • 3 different spots:
    > The Torch
    > Baie des Trépassés
    > Crozon Peninsula
  • Surf and wetsuit in free use
  • This trip is ideal for beginner/intermediate level surfers and yoga enthusiasts.
  • ⚠️ 7 places are available for this stay. Book quickly!
  • Exceptionally, this stay is marketed by France is Fun, an accredited travel agency. Click on the link below to book your place on France is Fun.