Can we book if we’re not surfers ?

Yes of course. Our main focus is to chase the waves our guests want but you are always welcome to enjoy the beautiful beaches, go fishing, shopping, hiking, yoga or any activity that you like. 

Is there a level of surfing required ?

All levels are welcome onboard on The Commodore Hostel. We do our best to find waves that suit our guests needs.

Can you host kids ?

Anyone below 18 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult. 

Can we rent surfboards and wetsuits ?

Yes. The bus is equiped with 8 soft boards and 8 wetsuits. Please ask me in advance if I have your size in stock. Otherwise there will always be a place to rent them. 

France and Portugal : Weekend trip (4 days) rental is €80 for board and wetsuit . Week long trip rental is €120 (7 days).

Morocco: €15 a day for board and wetsuit rental.

Where is the meeting point to get onboard ?

Brittany – Quimper
Portugal – Lisbon
Morocco – Agadir

The bus will always be parked close to public transport so you can join the adventure easily.

Can I bring my board ?

Yes you can. Your board will be securely stored on the roof top of the bus. 
If you want to bring more than one surf board please contact me in advance
-> pierre@thecommodorehostel.com 

Can you drive with people inside ?

Yes, I can drive with 8 passengers in The Commodore Hostel. 

Do you give surf lessons ?

No I don’t but you there are surf schools all along the coast where you can take a lesson.

Cost estimate for 2-3 hours in Morocco: €20-30, France: €30-40, Portugal: €30-40.

What do we eat ?

Breakfast: We are happy to offer complimentary homemade breakfast and unlimited coffee and tea when you stay with us. I usually make pancakes, eggs or oats with fresh or dried fruits, breads with home made jam along with unlimited coffee and tea.

Lunch and dinner: Our guests can decide as a group if they want to try out the local cuisine or buy some groceries to cook together.

The cost of a meal in Morocco is between €3-6. France is between €12-15 and Portugal is between €7-10.

Shopping, cooking and cleaning together is part of our Commodore community practice.

Can we book the whole bus ?

Yes you can book the whole bus even outside the tour dates available on the website. Please contact me directly for a private trip with your friends or family on The Commodore Hostel. 

What do we need to bring on the bus

Please bring only soft bags, no hard case suitcases please as we have limited storage space on the bus.

It’s convenient to bring:

  • a micro fibre/ fast drying towel
  • sun cream and sun block
  • warm & cold clothes. Please check the weather before packing and dress accordingly

Is there WiFi on the bus?

No there isn’t any WiFi on board but feel free to get a local SIM card if necessary. We try to make the most of the offline life.

Is there heating on the bus?

No there is not, that’s why we usually follow the sun throughout the year. The bus is well insulated so it usually doesn’t get cold.

Is there a toilet and shower on the bus?

Yes there is a compost toilet, an indoor shower which can be heated with gas and an outdoor solar shower.