Can we book if we’re not surfers ?

Yes of course ! The Commodore hostel is a unique accommodation that cruise along the coastline. You’ll find yourself in amazing spots, enjoy the beach, go fishing, hiking or any activity that comes in the way. 

Is there a level of surfing required ?

No level required to get onboard on the Commodore Hostel. For the one’s who does have the equipment the Commodore has all the surf gear to go enjoying the waves.

Can you host kids ?

Not if the parents are not around. 

Can we rent surfboards and wetsuits ?

Yes ! The bus is equiped with 8 softboards and 8 wetsuits. Ask me in advance if I do have your size in stock. Otherwise there will always be a place to rent.   

Where is the meeting point to get onboard ?

Brittany – Quimper
Portugal – Lisbon
Morocco – Agadir

The bus will always be parked close to public transport so you can join the adventure easily.

Can I bring my board ?

Yes, your board will be stored on the roofdeck of the bus during all your stay in the bus. I can store eather your shortboard either your longboard. The roofdeck is big enough 🙂
If you want to bring more than one sufboard please contact me in advance
-> pierre@thecommodorehostel.com 

Can you drive with people inside ?

Yes, I can drive with 8 other people with me in the Commodore. The bus is considered as a big camper able to host up to 9 people.

Do you give surf lessons ?

No I don’t but you will find surf schools at every spot to take some lessons before going free surfing.

What do we eat ?

The breakfast is included and I (Pierre) usely cook it. I always prepare an energetic meals to make you going for the rest of the day. I often prepare, pancackes, fresh and dry fruits, breads with home made jam, eggs, cheese, and many more… coffee and tea of course

Can we book the whole bus ?

Yes you can book the whole bus even outside the original calendar available on the website. Please contact me directly for a private journey with your friends or family on the Commodore Hostel. Everything is possible.