The concept

The Commodore Hostel is roaming surf hostel in the form of a 1984 Renault school bus. The Commodore is taking groups of up to 8 crew on a week long surf and adventure excursion in some of most thrilling surf spots in France, Portugal and Morocco.

The bus is entirely hand made using natural materials as much as possible. More than 40 palets woods have been used to build the interior giving a comfy, natural and roots aspect. The curtains and pillows are made with wax tissu and are hand sewn. 

As comfortable as a hotel

Inside the hostel you will find :

  • A dorm with 6 beds and one double bed each bed is equipped with USB plugs and storage for all the stuffs
  • A compost toilet
  • A bathroom with a shower and hot water
  • A kitchen with a home fridge, a cooker and a hoven
  • A living room with 8 seats
  • Bunkers

About the technical aspects

Power :
The bus is equipped with 4 solar panels of 300W each. This is gives a full power autonomy to the bus and enable each one to charge phones, laptops, camera, etc… It also has two 220v power outlets for any other uses.


Water :
600L of clean water are stored in the bunkers of the bus. With 9 people onboard we can live 3 / 4 days in automny beeing very carful with the water consumption. The bus is equipped with a shower and tap water in the kitchen.


Storage :
Every bed is furnished with a storage space to have your daily clothes at hand at any time of the day during your trip.
Once your stuff are placed in the storage inside the bus, your travel bags will be placed in the bunkers along with all the stuff you won’t need everyday. The bunkers also store all the technical equipment (water tanks, batteries and the electric system…) and every thing to make the hostel run : bike, BBQ, fishing gear, skateboard, etc…


The roofdeck is used to attach the surfboards while driving and to check the spot when possible 😉

What’s your next trip with us ?

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